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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Deer today

I almost made a really bad pun with that.

Today when I was got home and about half way down the driveway I saw two deer wandering about. I stopped the car and watched; one ran a bit into the woods and the other watched me until I had to put on my windshield wiper (I couldn't see them anymore). When I did that it walked a bit into the woods and stopped. I drove to where it was again, about 15 feet from me and stopped and watched it. After a minute it took off into the woods like the previous. I hope I see more of them, Heather says Barney was barking like crazy just before I came home. Must have been because of the deer.

Some more trees are blooming. Flowering dogwood, the Camelia, Tulip Magnolia (beautiful purple flowers), various cherry trees, and huge amounts of blossoms on the apple trees. I sense a lot of apple pie this fall.

I was unable to get my chainsaw started the other week. After I bought it we were in the movie section. I pointed out to joystormer that there was a how to video (yes it was the remake) and perhaps I should buy it. Showing up at the register with that DVD and the chainsaw would have been cool.
Ends up I should have bought the movie, I couldn't get the chainsaw to work. My good friend challon stopped by last Saturday and helped me get it working (it was just my lack of knowledge). He used to work alot with chainsaws and was quite knowledgeable. He should me some tricks for trees that had fallen but were leaning (there was one leaning on the barn). Now I need to buy some chainsaw gear (to make it harder to cut off any of my body parts).

Lots off stuff is getting done around the house and there is an endless supply of things to do! I did manage to pay my taxes on time this year (but I had to file an extension, I lost joystormer's W2 in the move. She will get a replacement so I can file. Also I had a hell of a time with my schedule D. I couldn't follow the directions. It looked like they were telling me to compute my income (which includes capital gains) before fully figuring out my capital gains. I figured out my taxes by just assuming the capital gains as income, that should be more than adequate. I think I am going to need taxqueen's help again. Hopefully she won't kill me if I ask for help with my taxes. Maybe after she has a bit of a rest from the crazy tax season.


Not too many deer here on Aurora. Lucky.

I'd be happy to help :) I'm on vacation until April 20th, but we can arrange a time after that to look at stuff!


We just got joystormer's replacement W2. Let me know what time works best.

Yo, Mr. Weinstein, have you trimmed that beard yet?


Not yet, but it now listed as a task in my handheld brain


Thats kinda like my Mothers place... lots of property and lots of deer...

We get some here in Kirkland on our wetland, since we are like the only piece of property there is here without condos on it.