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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
From the Forest

Yesterday morning I was sitting by the window playing the piano and a few bird stopped on the vine maple that is growing out from under the porch to listen. A coworker is an avid bird watcher and he identified them as Black-capped Chickadees from my description. Apparently they are very friendly birds that you can get to land on you.

The previous owners showed up and moved the last of their stuff. The house just grew a little larger, not that it was small before. But they had 35 years worth of stuff boxed up and waiting to move. The moving truck could not make it up here (switchback on Mountain View road) and it would never have been able to make it down the driveway. They had a smaller truck which they filled and shuttled to the larger truck.

When I left for work (at about 5:00pm) I noticed the salmonberry by the 'barn' had a few blooms on them. Very pretty purple colour. This place is going to be very colourful this spring. I need to get a new battery charger for my camera.


wonder if you've got copious amounts of blackberry, too?
yum yum.
I want to do a plant walk around the property with you guys sometime.
like your new user pic.

I really need to come visit and see you and the new house and such before I move to NC.


Any chance of you getting out to Duvall before you head to the land of tall and narrow family trees.

Re: So

probably, the house has been up for almost four weeks now - and no offers yet :)

Where is Duvall? is it "far far away" ?

Re: So

It is north east of Seattle. So probably a good drive from the end of the earth where you live.

Goto maps.exepdia.com and search for Main Street Duvall WA 98109

Re: So

not terribly far, yes we need to make a plan to come see the new place :)

It's the house pic! Coolness! I'm going to be there on Friday (happy, happy dance!!!!!).

You might not want trees growing from under the porch. Roots can cause structural damage or decay.

(Sorry, had to practical for a moment)

Hey Matt,

Just a quick hello and letting you know that we are now officially living on Bainbridge Island and hope we can get together in the near future for coffee or dinner, drinks or something fun soon! :-)


Salmonberries taste great. Hummingbirds love the flowers.


Yep I have seen a few. First time I have ever seen them in real life. I have heard you don't get many salmonberries per plant. There should be pleanty anyways, I just don't know how long it will take to gather the berries (provided the deer don't eat them all). I hope to experiment with making some salmonberry preserves this year.