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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
More moving

Planning on another move (no pianos this time), this Sat (tomorrow) at 12:00. The current plan is that joystormer and I will be at the barge at 9:00am (yeah, right) to do some cleaning, and prep-work for painting the floor. At 12:00 anyone who wants to help, or just drop by to see the house will show up. We will head the shop in Queen Anne (and I will bring the keys) and any car with space and desire can be loaded with some of the stuff that is there. We will then head to the house, unload, tour (for those who haven't seen it) and probably tromp around the grounds if the weather is nice.

Any help is of course welcome. Let me know if you are coming so we don't leave without you.


ok, can't find your phone number anywhere (i thought there had been a previous post for the 1st time you had a moving party, but couldn't find it)...
Brian is probably going to be running late (he's still at Home Depot), so he was just thinking of meeting you at the shop in Queen Anne...
hope you get this message.


When no one showed up except my friend Yahya (at 12:30) we decided there was no rush. Yahya had to run and get his girlfriend's mother's cat to the vet. We decided to wait until he got back.

Hope Brian wasn't waiting long.

Re: Oops

I didn't get back till around 2:15 (the half hour trip became 3 hours), and then hunted for your number. While hunting for your number I made the mistake of sitting down and had jet lag catch me. Fell asleep for quite a few hours :(

If you still need help, please ask. Sorry for messing up the timing today :(

Re: Oops

I found out from Brian later that once he got home from Home Depot that he went to check on his computer to see if he had your phone number and then woke up later with the laptop on his lap and his feet still over the side of the bed. So, fortunately he wasn't waiting, but he did feel bad that he'd slept through the move.
He was still so jet lagged that he slept in on Sunday until 2:00 (and still thought he could have slept for a couple more hours)