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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Favourite Colour

I have a favourite colour. I was sort of amazed today, when I came to this realization. It was not the realization that I have a favourite color that amazed me, but which colour it was. I don't like anything in the colour really. It is more that the knowledge of the existence of the colour pleases me, not its actual physical manifestation. In fact I don't particularly find the colour visually appealing.

So does anyone else have a favourite colour that they can't stand the sight of?


goddamn it you are just TOO COOL!

Re: Coolness

I must be if I have people as cool as you reading my journal.

um.. I like clear personally. The absence of color.

what is your favorite?

Re: Colour

Bright yellow.

Re: Colour

yeah ya just don't seem like a "bright yellow" kind of guy...

Well, which colour? I like seeing my favorite colour...

Re: Colour

Bright yellow

Is it grey, BTW? Or olive green?

Re: Colour

As much as I like those colours, I like *bright yellow* better. Also as much as I like British spellings, I like 'gray' better than 'grey'. It seems to look more like the colour to me

I rather enjoy the sight of my favourite colour...or colours as it were...

Re: Favourite

It is not a favourite if you have more than one. That is like having more than one best friend or more than one favourite testicle.

Re: Favourite

So who is your favourite poly lover ?


Re: Favourite

I don't have a faviourite. I love them all differently, yet the same amount.

So they each are a favorite is some way shape or form ?