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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Bus Game

Some days, when I am on the bus, I play some games to bide the time. One game I play is to look at people and pretend they are British. I look at them until they look British. So what does it mean to "look British"? Bad teeth and Queen Mother jokes aside it just means that they look like if they were to start speaking they would speak with a British accent. It seems silly but if you imagine these people speaking with a British accent they look different. It can be quite interesting, every once in a while you hear someone speak whom you just Britisized and they don't have an accent.

For some reason I find it more difficult to Britisize older people. Old Asian men are the hardest, but it can be done; don't give up too easily. Someday when I think I have the game beaten Kevin Costner will walk on the bus and I will be defeated; until that time however...

This morning I was having a difficult time with one girl. She was your average teenie-bopper; something about her just cried out 'American'. But then she turned and said something to the passenger next to her and to my surprise, she had an accent! And guess what kind of accent it was! I have no idea. It would have just been awesome if she had a British accent, but she didn't. I had no idea what the accent was, but it certainly wasn't American.


You must seem like one of the scary people, staring at people on the bus like that.

Re: Scary Folk

Hmmm, is that what it is? I thought they just didn't appreciate the story about the Queen Mother and the horse.