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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Bad dream

I was going through a large basement like area with a few other people inspecting some sort of ceiling fixture. There were these jointed bolts on tables which we would pick up and screw into some ceiling fixtures to 'test' the fixtures. The test wasn't to see if they would fit, but fitting them in somehow performed some sort of diagnostic. Someone yelled that they had a live one and dropped the jointed bolt to the floor; it was actually a mouse which we all ran after. The guy who dropped it got close enough to kick it and stun it after which he stomped his foot down on it killing it. Soon after I dropped a bolt and yelled for the others. When I was able to kick it; it was a cat. It was mostly stunned; it dragged itself a few more feet. I felt terrible, but I kicked it again and then jumped on its head. In the process of jumping up and down on its head it was no longer a cat, it was a dog. The dog kept looking up at me with sad doggie eyes when I jumped on his head. I asked the nearest person, a childhood friend of mine, to come finish this for me; he wouldn't. I pleaded that I was wearing socks and this was ineffective, he was also heavier. He pointed out that he was barefoot. I was crying and jumping up and down on the dogs head until I woke up.

When I realized I had been having this dream the first thing that occurred to me was the dog might have been Chewy; he wasn't. He wasn't Barney either, nor was he any dog I recognized. The childhood friend's father died a few years ago while doing inventory at his work. He fell about fifteen feet and hit his head on the concrete floor.


Wow.. *hugs* Not fun. What do you think it means? I wonder if your friends dad is related. But not a good night for the subconscious...



I am sure this is a stress related dream. I am pretty sure the death of friend's dad is related; death is one of the things that I have been stressing over.

I had a friend who while was living in South America jumped up in the air when she noticed a mouse.
Landed right on it, killed it completely.

She wasn't wearing shoes :(

And one other thought... Dude!
This entire "buying another house" leaves me with similar nightmares (though mine are all about papers not being signed and contingency planning....).


House stress.

I am definitly stressing about the house, although it is all going so smoothly (maybe that is what is worrying me about it).


I have a few more papers to sign today, and I believe that is all other then getting my stuff moved in... having work done on the house....

Yeah, stress....

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Thanks. Yeah, life is never as hard on you as the stress you have about it.

Y' know? I've had several dreams where I tried to kill an animal, it didn't die immediately, and then I was frantically trying to kill it to end the pain I caused Yuck.

I wonder what that means?


I really don't believe in universal dream symbols (unless we all read the book on it, then our subconscious has common material to work with).

With that said, for me:
A dream about killing animals is my mind showing me my fears of failing someone or something. Animals, especially pets, are at the mercy of our care; pets are responsibilities that we cannot take lightly. I was killing the dog slowly and painfully; my subconscious is telling me I am going to fail in a responsibility and cause pain and suffering.
While the dog wasn't Chewy it was in some form representative of him. My stress feed subconscious is reminding me (incorrectly) that I am at fault for his death.
My subconscious is damn good at guilt. I wonder if is some Jewish genetic thing.

Re: Not Jewish Guilt

Jews may have mothered guilt, but we catholics perfected it - we have Hell.

This dream doesn't seem like you at all. You'd rather rescue a creepy spider than throw a shoe on it.

Your dream may have been telling you that you are stressed about failing, not that you are going to fail. There is a HUGE difference. Just relax. Take a deep breath.. Remember that you are a bright light (yellow, maybe? *wink*) and that you have all the tools you need to succeed within yourself. Whatever the challenge, you're going to do great!

If you need a little help along the way, you have lots of friends to lend an ear or lean on.