Grizzly Weinstein (sea_gaagii) wrote,
Grizzly Weinstein


I was putting my new crown molding knives in my planer this afternoon when I heard a loud crack. It sounded something like an exploding fluorescent light bulb. I looked at the lights in the shop and they all looked ok. I went out to checkout the outside lights, perhaps someone had thrown a rock at them; they all looked fine also. I finally noticed what it was; the rear driver's side window of my XTerra had just shattered. I have no idea why, I wasn't doing anything that could cause it (I was changing blades hadn't even turned a tool on yet).

I did learn something useful; carry clear packing tape in your car. I taped over the shattered window so that if it did fall out, it would all fall out in one piece and there wouldn't be shards of glass all over the place. I then covered it with cardboard and taped the cardboard to the backdoor handle and the taillight; no tape on the paint.

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