Grizzly Weinstein (sea_gaagii) wrote,
Grizzly Weinstein

Task nearing completion

My unfiled tax journey is just about over. I stopped by the federal building, and after a body cavity search was able to meet with an IRS employee about my taxes. She stamped my 2001 and is filing it for me. She make copies of my 1999 which was still showing as unfiled (even though I sent it in with the 2000 and I got my 2000 refund check already). I went over the problems on my 1997 taxes with her and she is filing that with the changes. Out of 5 unfiled years, I only owe money for 1997 and it is only 1000 (plus there will be some interest and penalties). I lost $540 for filing 1998 too late, but the other years more than made up for that. This is much better result then the bill I got for $170,000 from the IRS. Thanks again to taxqueen for her great job on 1999, 2000, and 2001.

When the IRS lady was out making copies I noticed there was a garage door opener on my side of the table. I kept contemplating pressing it to see if something would open. I asked her about it and she told me it was for some of the meetings that don't go well. Sometimes people will get violent, the button will call an armed guard into the room. I am glad I didn't press it.

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