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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Good Deed

I just finished my good deed for the day.

When I was walking Barney this evening I found an envelope with 2 SouthWest Air rapid reward coupons. These are good for flights anywhere in the US. This is the equivalent of finding an envelope with $200-$400 in it. Fortunately unlike money this had a name and address on it. It was also nice that it was a close Seattle address. People "sell" these on EBay so it could have just as likely been an address in Bangor Maine. When I got home I tried looking the guy up but he was unlisted, couldn't even get his number out of information. I was going to blow it off until tomorrow, since it was snowing and late (10:00pm), but figured the person could be flying any day and would need them.

I found the guys apartment and he was very releived, he had just gone through his garbage looking for them. He even gave me $5, I tried to give it back to him but he wouldn't have it. I know it is odd, but I feel bad about taking the money. I know I shouldn't feel guilty, but I am pretty sure from his apartment that he could use it much more than I. Anytime in my adult life I have found money on the street I have given it away; it just doesn't seem it belongs to me. Usually that is what I would do. I decided to keep this and spend it on something happy; now I just need to think what. Maybe I will put it towards the downpayment on the house I saw tonight. I really liked it; 10 acres 3300 sqft. Lots and lots of trees; it was last logged in 1913.

So money from a good deed toward a good deed? I think it will be nice to tell the bank; "I would like use a downpayment of $50,005."


good deed indeed ^_^

You are such a good guy. I know I'm not telling you anything new, but I love you.

You are quite worthy of your good fortune.

Give this money to an animal shelter and play the lottery. *wink*

your fan club chimes in with:
and we know it.
I enjoyed your post.
I look forward to talking with you soon
ps: where's the house?


It is not to far from your friend Daniel's place. It has 2000 sqft finished and a 1300sqft unfinished basement and it is on 10 acres with lots and lots of trees (85 year old trees!). My broker is going to tell them tomorrow that I will be making an offer. I am very excited it is awesome.

Re: Duvall

oh oh oh
it is snowing today, so not a good day for a tour,
but you know me and MattS want to come see the place!!
that would be so cool.
you out in this neck o' the woods.
keep me posted.