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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Future Trial

Apparently Michael Jackson is represented by Johnny Cochrane. It is beginning already, the camera's fixed on a slow moving white plane. I can see the future.

The child is proven to be a racist. The prosecutor has Michael try on the used condom; it doesn't fit. It is claimed Michael has some sort of physical ailment which would prevent him from performing the deed.

When all is said and done, Michael will go on a search for the 'real' molesters. Michael's Chimp, the only real witness will write a book with the help of Kato Kalin.


You're so right it's frightening. Was fun last night. :D


The movie was very cool last night. Glad I was able to see you guys again. Mariam is right, you are taller than I remember.

Although not as tall as J.

Re: Movie

Is the statue of liberty as tall as J?

Hahahaha. You are the only person that has said ANYTHING about this that I found I actually wanted to hear.


I now feel special. It is like everyone who wrote about this is in some kind of Olympic event, but the goals are a little less athletic. And I won! I feel just like Corky.

Now I wish I had spent more time on it than just a quickie post.

Re: Special

That would have ruined it. I never would have read it. In fact I might have farted in your general di-rection.