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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
I'm a magnet

I went to the Suite G in Fremont for dinner and a few drinks last night. I had just been there on Sat with who_is_she and thought the food was good and found they made a good Cosmo.

It was mostly quiet and the CD Music was good (at one point it was M.C. 900 Foot Jesus). I also found out they have live Jazz there on Wednesday nights.

After a while some guy sits down next to me and introduces himself. His name was 'D'. He struck up a little bit of conversation and after a while it became pretty clear he was hitting on me. I must give off some sort of vibe; who knows. You might also think I am just being a paranoid Heterosexual. You decide. He told me I had huge arms. I know I have been working out and all, but my arms are hardly huge. At one point when I wasn't watching him, he took my hair and smelled it. Crispin Glover's character in Charlie's Angels kept coming to mind. Granted he was not as overt as the last guy who offered to give me oral sex, but I was starting to think this guy was hitting on me.

You know, even if I were interested, I think he was coming on a little bit too strong.


Heh. It must be the hair. :-)

I was in an Indian restraunt a few years ago (in Wallingford, fancy that; a group of us were out to see Kenneth Branaugh's Hamlet) when the manager comes out, rather drunk, and makes various complimentary remarks with regards to my hair. He leaves and comes back, then starts fondling and smelling my hair. I was rather concerned he might start drooling in it.

Catherine nearly had to intervene to defend my honor. ;-)


Maybe the hair and my huge arms or my huge hairy arms.

You should hire out Cathrine to guard people who are susceptible to hair harassment.


not sure if you should be flattered or annoyed? I hate random people touching me so...

Re: :-)

Both flattered and annoyed.

Re: :-)

Great to see you tonight.. I should have leaned over and sniffed your "do" LOL HUGS


You know I've always had my own theory about your sexuality... Maybe it is a vibe... *wink*

You could always cut your hair...