Grizzly Weinstein (sea_gaagii) wrote,
Grizzly Weinstein

Two Months

Tuesday morning I oversnoozed the alarm and it decided not to go off again after the last snooze. I can't believe they only give you one hour of snooze time.

That morning I had a dream. It was one of those weird dreams that changes into another dream after a while. At the end of the first half which I remember spottily I was walking home from downtown Seattle on a standard rainy Seattle evening. Within a minute or two I was on a round metal saucer sled (like I used to have when I was a child) and sledding with my dog, Barney, down the street at 40 miles an hour. I knew it was going 40 because there was a speedometer on it. We were sledding down the streets, no snow and it was day time, on our way home still. The streets were not even recognizable as Seattle, it was more like the center of some small town from a Norman Rockwell painting. Nice clean red brick buildings. I noticed there was a bit of traffic up ahead because of some big accident. There was a car they were hoisting out of the road with some large crane and the building on the side of the street had bricks scattered everywhere because the car had hit it and done some serious damage. I noticed there was a garage (mechanic shop, not parking spot) on the opposite side of the street from all the commotion. I figured since the sled was pretty small I could go through the shop and come out the otherside and be out of the traffic. So I veered off into the shop. Inside was not much like a shop, very clean small light-blue and white tiles almost like a huge bathroom. Barney and I came out the other side to a bright sunny day at what seemed like an old time gas station. There was a big German Shephard covered randomly with dust, obviously it had been helping with the accident. But it was just laying there in the sunlight enjoying the nice day. Chewy was laying there with him. I beckoned Chewy to come with us, and he looked at the Shephard. I motioned again and he started to walk over. The German Shephard started barking, then Chewy turned and Barked something at the Shephard. The Shephard laid back down and Chewy came and joined Barney and I on the sled. We continued down the road picking up speed, and at the bottom it curved near the lake in the town a few miles from where I grew up. We took the street that went toward where I used to live, but eventually ended up back at the gas station. This is when I woked up.

I didn't realize until today, that Tuesday morning was the two month anniversary of the morning Chewy died. So I don't know if my brain subconciously served this dream up or if Chewy decided I needed a visit.

So I think the German Shephard is Chewy's new friend. I wonder if he is a rescue dog from Sept 11th. The semi-demolished building could certianly represent that. I think he was concerned that Chewy was leaving and Chewy assured him he would be back. He was only going for a ride. I think the fact that we were heading towards my old neibourhood was because Chewy reminded me of a dog my family had when I was a child. Samantha, a black lab, german shephard mix, was a lot smaller than Chewy but since I was a little boy, the size ratio was probably similar. We did not pay very much attention to Samantha other than bringing her dinner and water. She spent most of her time outside. My mother realized this and found Sam a new home. I always wanted to make sure I did a much better job caring for Chewy.

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