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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
First Entry

I realized last night that I hadn't entered anything in here yet.

I had a nice evening last night. My girlfriend Joystormer and my girlfriend Britt all went out for Ethiopian food with Insert Nickname Here. It was interesting because they are both also seeing Insert Nickname Here. For the purposes of the date we considered it a double date: Britt with me, and Joystormer with Insert Nickname Here. Which is good, because I was feeling a little guilty about giving more attention to Britt than to Joystormer.

Britt stayed over and we stayed in bed far too late today. I got to work at noon! Which would explain why I am still here. I made plans for a ride home at 8:00ish.

I had planned on taking a trip to home-depot to get some finished edges for the shelves I built this weekend. I am quite proud of them (I have been taking pictures of thier progress). Then walking the 'Nard, perhaps playing some AC or actually writing the SMTP server I have been thinking about for my domain hotbibabes.com.

But I did just get email from BikerChick about going to see Amilia White at the Tractor Tavern (9:00pm). Sounds like a great show, and I really enjoy spending time with BikerChick. But I was really looking forward to spending some alone time.

We'll see. I needed this break from work, the drivers are driving me crazy.

wow u have 2 girlfriends!

ok, so u have 2 girlfriends, thats cool, but how do u manage that one? i mean, and on ur "double date" how do u guys balance that out, is it all like, ok, my turn! i dunno, i wouldn't be able to do something like that....are u happy with two girls? well anyway, as long as they know about each other and are cool about it, then go u guys, awesome!

Re: wow u have 2 girlfriends!

Am I happy with two girlfriends? The number of girlfriends is entirely irrelevant. Am I happy with Joystormer? Yes! In fact I love her very much. Am I happy with Britt? You betcha, she is very cool and our relationship is developing well. Am I happy with Texas-T (I need to come up with a better nick for her) I wish she weren't in Texas, I love her very much and miss spending time with her.

Three girlfriends is not bad, four was a little harder to manage. Texas-T is in Austin right now so I unfortunatly don't see her enough (she will be moving to Seattle), Joystormer and I are trying to work out a schedule (but we are still going through NRE and spending tons of time together). Britt is a very busy artist with a husband; it is hard to see her more than once a week. We try to schedule group dates to spend more time togther. Because while I have plenty of love; I don't have plenty of time.

We are still working out how to deal with the specifics, communication of feelings seems to be working quite well.

Thanks for commenting. You have the honour of being the first person to post a comment to my site. I am going to add you as a friend (since I have so few on live-journal). If this annoys you just let me know, I'll unfriend you.

Oh yeah, all my girlfriends know each other and they really get along well.

Re: wow u have 2 girlfriends!

thanks for adding me to ur friends list. I'm still very curious about how your little circle of love friends all convene peacefully. Me, on the other hand, likes to stay with one person, build a strong foundation of trust, friendship, and commitment. But, i dont necessarily condemn people who aren't like me. Because lets face it, no one out there is exactly like anyone else. But anyway, hope to keep in touch!

Re: wow u have 2 girlfriends!

Polyamorous folks (those who choose to love more than one) are able to build foundations of trust, friendship and commitment as well. We don't always just like the monogamous folks don't always. And I wholly concur with gaagii that while love is unlimited, time is most assuredly not. I am Texas-T, henceforth to be known as Tavalon (I dislike Texas though I love my poly community here). Gaagii and I had been trying to create a relationship for about 2 years with a couple of HUGE glitches in it because of bad choices on both of our parts. We finally got it together about a month before he met joystormer and while I've had to deal with some jealousy and some envy, joystormer is a through and through poly woman and she has been so supportive of mine and gaagii's relationship. I am so grateful she is in his life as he is happy with her there and I don't worry that she's going to undermine my place in his life and besides she is a rocking cool person in her own right. Anyway, that's probably more than you wanted to know.

Re: wow u have 2 girlfriends!

No actually he has three serious girlfriends and probably a few he casually dates. All three of the serious girlfriends know about each other and in most cases have other relationships of their own. I'm one of the girlfriends and I am quite happy with the way things are. I like him much better polyamorous. I don't have to worry about him dumping me for a monogamous girl. And the other two women he's seeing are great people.

Hmmm you are Intriguing~ Nice to meet you.