Grizzly Weinstein (sea_gaagii) wrote,
Grizzly Weinstein

First Entry

I realized last night that I hadn't entered anything in here yet.

I had a nice evening last night. My girlfriend Joystormer and my girlfriend Britt all went out for Ethiopian food with Insert Nickname Here. It was interesting because they are both also seeing Insert Nickname Here. For the purposes of the date we considered it a double date: Britt with me, and Joystormer with Insert Nickname Here. Which is good, because I was feeling a little guilty about giving more attention to Britt than to Joystormer.

Britt stayed over and we stayed in bed far too late today. I got to work at noon! Which would explain why I am still here. I made plans for a ride home at 8:00ish.

I had planned on taking a trip to home-depot to get some finished edges for the shelves I built this weekend. I am quite proud of them (I have been taking pictures of thier progress). Then walking the 'Nard, perhaps playing some AC or actually writing the SMTP server I have been thinking about for my domain

But I did just get email from BikerChick about going to see Amilia White at the Tractor Tavern (9:00pm). Sounds like a great show, and I really enjoy spending time with BikerChick. But I was really looking forward to spending some alone time.

We'll see. I needed this break from work, the drivers are driving me crazy.

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