Grizzly Weinstein (sea_gaagii) wrote,
Grizzly Weinstein

Good Hair Day

I have been having a good hair day (a few actually).

Sunday after having spent the weekend outdoors and sleeping in joystormer's awesome hippie van without brushing my hair I was told by the hostess that I have very nice hair.

Today I decided to be an extra on a movie shoot (no not a porn). The cute girl in makeup told me I have great hair. Then the very cute star (I think, I never did see the script) of the show, Teresa, told me my hair looks fantastic. Then Tree, the manager of extras, told me I have nice hair. You all can start worrying now; this is going to my head. A few more compliments and I am sure my head will swell enough that I can just float over the lake to work like some large hairy balloon.

Being an extra was fun. As soon as the movie with the title that I don't know comes out, be sure each one of you sees it. Oh and I was sitting next to this guy who made the comment "at least you look like someone famous". Apparently I look like a young Michael Wincott

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