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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Good Hair Day

I have been having a good hair day (a few actually).

Sunday after having spent the weekend outdoors and sleeping in joystormer's awesome hippie van without brushing my hair I was told by the hostess that I have very nice hair.

Today I decided to be an extra on a movie shoot (no not a porn). The cute girl in makeup told me I have great hair. Then the very cute star (I think, I never did see the script) of the show, Teresa, told me my hair looks fantastic. Then Tree, the manager of extras, told me I have nice hair. You all can start worrying now; this is going to my head. A few more compliments and I am sure my head will swell enough that I can just float over the lake to work like some large hairy balloon.

Being an extra was fun. As soon as the movie with the title that I don't know comes out, be sure each one of you sees it. Oh and I was sitting next to this guy who made the comment "at least you look like someone famous". Apparently I look like a young Michael Wincott


"...you look like someone famous..."

In my world... you are famous for being a super great guy!!!!
so, you dont just look like one... you are one!

There were certainly moments yesterday that kind of sucked, and they went on way too long. But overall, it was a blast. I'm tempted to see if there's other stuff I could be doing to help clean up or something. A fun crew to be around!

I'd be very suprised if any more of me than an elbow shows up in the final cut. But at least my applause regestered on the soundtrack at the appropriate time!

mm hmm

you do have great hair. I used to only date guys with long hair so I could give them shampoos.

I still think you look the cutest with short hair. Besides, it's not bout the hair, it's about the person.

I looked at the pictures of Michael Wincott. I'm afraid my doppleganger looks more like me than yours does you.

I especially like the dappling of silver that your beautiful mane is getting. I'm quite sure a few of those greys can be directly attributed to me, so I'm kind of protective of them. ;)