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It's just a jump to the left

Sorry for those who thought this might be a post about Rocky Horror.

Yesterday began as one of those days where I felt I had sidestepped a little bit out of reality and become a passive observer of the city.

It was one of those calm autumn mornings that I really love. The ground was a little wet and the air cool, but not chilly. The wind was mostly calm but sporadic gusts would blow a few leaves up from the ground before dying out. Almost like a New England fall day, but not as much wind and not as many leaves. It also felt really quiet.

When I returned from walking Barney I noticed a police boat sitting under the bridge along side it was another boat with some divers. They were chatting. There was a motor boat floating a bit away just sitting there, not moored, and not moving. It occurred to me that maybe someone jumped from the bridge, but the divers were just talking to the police, not diving. I thought maybe there was someone threatening to jump, looking up I couldn't see anyone and it seemed far too quiet. I would expect a lot of commotion.

One my way to the bus stop I noted that the boats were all in the same position. Then I saw the 45 bus go down 34th. That seemed strange; what was the 45 doing there? When my bus passed over the Fremont Bridge I noticed a huge line of cars waiting at the other side to cross. The line of cars went quite a bit up Dexter. Way too many unless the bridge had been open for a long while, but it hadn't, there was no traffic waiting on the other side. Then I realized there must be someone threatening to jump and Aurora must be closed. This explained everything I had seen.

In Belltown, John, a homeless man who usually hangs around Fremont got on the bus and sat down across from me. He was pretty drunk. It took him a few minutes, but he looked up and saw me and asked me where my dog was. I told him Barney was back home. He nodded a little bit, closed his eyes. It almost looked like he fell asleep; his head lolled to one side. He picked his head up, opened his eyes and asked me if that was the same dog Preacher John had talked to (preacher John is another homeless fellow). I told him it was. Preacher John had claimed to have a way with dogs which he had learned from the Indians and their way with wolves. This was when Chewy was still alive, he gave Barney and Chewy a pat on the head, and gave Chewy a blessing. He started to talk about Preacher John and how he was a great guy to drink with. He said something about what Preacher John was up to, but I didn't understand it. He kept fading in and out of sleep and it reminded me of the movies where the invisible observer can only be seen by the drunk or people's pets. The last thing he said before I got off the bus was what sounded like, "I have a glamorous eagle". I repeated it, because I didn't understand. He said "no, a glamorous ego". He would be easier to understand if I had better hearing and he had more teeth.

Sitting at the bus stop downtown (I take the bus downtown and then a bus to the Eastside) I watched a man at the Starbucks window look toward his feet, shake his hand, and start yelling as if he had some very poorly behaved invisible dog. He did this a few times, got his coffee, and began to walk across the street. He turned about halfway through the intersection and did this a few more times. I was wondering if he had Tourettes Syndrome. He continued walking and even after he was out of site, I could still hear him yelling for a little bit. A few minutes later a security guard was talking to the barista at Starbucks and she was pointing down the road the man had just went.

The nice thing about work is that it allows you to spend time in the world of thought. Gave my body time get in sync with the real world. That was useful since it was gym night with joystormer. After the gym we went to the airport to pickup tavalon. It is great to have her back in town, even if it is just for a week.

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