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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Kato Sittings

joystormer and I stayed over at who_is_she's place to keep her dog Kato company last night. Kato was happy to see us and even spent some time sleeping with us on the bed in the guest room. We played with the laser pointer and kicked the ball around until he decided he was too tired to play some more. It always amuses me how well he does roll-over. That is one trick I cannot seem to teach Barney (I can't even roll him myself, he refuses).

indisbelief and sweetdenial stayed at the barge and took care of Barney. It will be nice to have some more people capable of Barney sitting, especially since Meryl will not be up for it soon due to cancer treatments.


We can't watch Barney, but we're keeping you guys in our thoughts.

I wonder how well he would get along with Rosalynd...


Kato or Barney?

Rosalynd moves a lot; Barney likes that in his prey.

I am so thankful that you guys were able to spend some time with him.
If you are in the neighborhood again... please do stop by again.

hope you were able to enjoy our accomodations, such as they are.

Not on this topic, but wanted to let you know things are slow at work, so I have time to work on your taxes and such. Just let me know when is a good time to get together and go over stuff :)


When would be best for you? I could stop by early (but not too early) on Sat? Unless you are going to be in Seattle anytime soon (I am not sure I can make third place on Tuesday).

Re: Taxes

Ack...I'm sorry, I got a bit behind on my email! Any evening this week would be fine, or I could meet you in Seattle next weekend.


Love, support, positive thoughts, and a belief that all will be well are being sent your way and to Meryl.

Call, email or yell really loudly if I can help in any way. Remember Paige's struggle? She had the odds stacked up against her and found her way through it. You were a great support for your Mom and I'm sure Meryl will benefit from having you near. Have hope and keep fighting.