Grizzly Weinstein (sea_gaagii) wrote,
Grizzly Weinstein

Criminal Dreams?

The other night I dreamed that I was riding a bicycle through a strange city at night. There were lots of police with machine guns directing traffic. I was directed to go forward at the green light, which I did. When I was riding through it, uphill, it turned yellow then red. When I arrived at the other side of the intersection the policeman there told me I had ridden through a red light. I explained to him that was not the case. He asked me if I thought he was blind. I told him no and explained to him that while I might have come 'from' an intersection while the light was red, I did not go 'through' a red light. More importantly I did not go 'into' an intersection when the light was red. He told me to stop being a wise-ass the difference was irrelevant. I explained to him it was not; there is no law about moving through an intersection when the light turns red, there is only one about entering it. He told me that was not true and gave me a ticket for $8000. He expressed great surprise when I told him I was going to fight it.

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  • Had a thought today

    I should copyright my DNA. Then if I were ever sued for paternity, I could counter-sue for copyright violations for the derivative work!

  • New 3 Mile Time

    Beat my old time by a few seconds, but the old time was with no incline, the new time is at 1% 3 miles @ 1% incline - 20 minutes 54 seconds.

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