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Movie, Peace, and Concern

I went to the movies tonight with some folk from the seattle community; we saw Underworld. I was expecting a very pretty movie with very little substance. I was wrong; the plot was better than expected (although not fantastic by any stretch) and the cinematography was shoddy. Overall it lack fluidity, the vampires movements were either rigid or bumpy. Some of the special effects actually teetered a little (when the coffin came up for instance, great way to ruin the illusion of it being heavy). Often when camera angles shifted the lighting changed (and I doubt it was for artistic purposes).

Since I was running late I decided to drive to the theater rather than take the bus. I wasn't looking forward to parking downtown. I felt good after I passed the bus, because I realized I would have just missed it and not made the movie. Then I realized I could park at one of the many spaces on Dexter and take the bus. Cool, free parking and I made the movie on time.

When I got home it was pretty quiet. I really love living in the city, everything is right here and at the same time it is very peaceful. It was 10:30 and the water was already calm (it is quarter to twelve and it is now like glass). The area was very quiet; no one on the trail, no voices to be heard. While walking Barney along the canal (not too close to the water) I passed just 3 people. Two were a couple sitting by the water and one was someone playing the djembe down by the fire pit near the gravel company. It is amazing how peaceful the city can be. I am glad I didn't change the name of the barge when I bought it, "Peace" is just too appropriate.

The is an uneasiness to my peace. Meryl went today to have the spot on her lung biopsied. I so hope that it is not also cancer. I have yet to check my email; I am scared it will be bad news. I have told her everything will be ok; I only know people who have survived cancer. My mom had cancer in her lung and has been cancer free for 7 years now. I have a young cousin who had bone marrow and has been cancer free for just over seven years also. Even my grandfather, who had cancer didn't die from it (the Parkinson's got him first). I have told her this, but I still worry. Thanks to those who have been sending positive energy, Meryl needs happy thoughts right now.

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