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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Positive Energy

Please send positive energy. My good friend Meryl had a growth in her throat which they biopsied today; it ended up being cancerous. I might have this information wrong, but I think it is "squamous cell carcinoma, level IV" She is going to the specialist tomorrow to talk about Chemo and Radiation.


oh, wow.
I don't know anything about those kind of diagnosis. But sounds like it's good that she has caught it early, and is dealing with it quickly.

I am sending you lots of hug vibes, positive vibes.... keep us posted.

::positive energy, as much as I can spare:: Luck as well.

I've been researching this since you IM'ed me. I will be sending positive energy her way. Please stay closely in touch with her. She will need her friends and family during this time. This is a strange and awful thing to happen to one so young.

The level IV may be a grade or a stage. Grade 4 would imply that these are very abnormals cells but says nothing of their whereabouts. Stage would mean that this cancer has invaded the underlying tissues, and spread to crucial areas. If that is the case, she will have quite a fight ahead. On the bright side, the cure rate for cancer of the larynx is encouragingly high when compared to other forms of cancers.