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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Measuring Health

One of the things I learned about cars was that you can often tell if something is wrong with your car before it gets too serious by paying attention to your gas usage. Being short on oil, bad tire pressure, bad ignition timing, and many other things can lead to a drop in overall gas mileage. Many of these things can cause expensive damage if left unchecked. Paying attention to gas mileage can give you a sense of the overall health of your car.

So I got to thinking (I do that once in a while) that perhaps the same can be done for the human body. I then realized such a device could make me a fortune (oh yeah, and help people). So does anyone have an idea for a device that could count the number of times you fart each day and measure the amount of gas you produce? A wireless interface would be great so the data could automatically be downloaded to your computer, but I think people would frown on a device that was supposed to promote health that might be found to give you colon cancer. So perhaps just a low power USB connection.


It isn't necesarily correlative that people have the same sort of malfunctions, nor that assessing gas, um, mileage is going to pinpoint any of those problems.

I think this idea needs to go back to the drawing board.

No, I think the premise is that SOME problems can be detected eartly with this method.

I imagine if you did an analysis on the types of gases released as well as the volume it would help.

I suspect a commode that did something similar with feces would work better, though.

Lab Toilet

This is a very good idea. A good horse person will pay great attention to the droppings this can often give early warning to many problems.

Re: Lab Toilet

appleang calls it "Litterbox science" (She used to have cats)

Ya know, someone I know was just discussing farting at length. Though, that conversation was focussed on public, social etiquette.