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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]

Recently at work something happened that made me think about unreasonable fears. Things like fear of the dark, spiders, or the Queen of England. I heard once on a radio interview that Billy Bob Thorton has a phobia of Antique furniture. To be specific Antique English furniture; old Chinese furniture doesn't seem to bother him. Do you know those vending machines they have where the food is behind a sliding plastic door and you have to press a button to rotate the food item you want into view before you pull the plastic open. I have checked you cannot open the plastic thing even if the item behind it is sold. So if you slip and the door closes you have to pay again for your food item, if it will even work (perhaps it won't open even if you pay when the item is sold), I have not tried it yet (fortunatly I have had no need). Every time I pay and open one of the sliders it gets stuck half way, it doesn't want to open in one motion. You have to let the door slide closed slightly before openeing it all the way, one slip and you are in trouble.
My fear is not that I will have to pay again before I get my chocolate covered mini doughnuts, but that I will somehow get my wallet caught behind the plastic door with no change in my pocket to get it back out. After I take out my dollar, I place my wallet in my pocket and check about 7 times that is it there before I am willing to pay for the doughnuts and take them out. When I take them out I have this worry that my wallet somehow got into that hand.

But I have learned that if you don't face your fears, no doughnut.


Bad wallet, no doughnut. Woof =)


hehehehe, its like that episoide of The Simpsons