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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
I bounce

Last week when tavalon was walking Barney, Barney decided to jump into the water. tavalon was caught by surprise and fell in afterward. She ended up with her foot caught in the rocks for a bit and hurt her knee (or foot) a little bit. Nothing debilitating fortunatly. We blamed it on the fact that tavalon had taken him out just after taking her sleep meds (Barney shared the blame also).

Yesterday evening while walking Barney he decided again to jump in the water. This was at the canal where there are piles of rocks at the waters edge, I went flying in after him, as I was holding his leash. I managed to bounce my face off the rocks on my way into the water. Again fortune smiles, my face found a nice flat rock to bounce off of (a soft rock would have been a little too much to ask for) and since I am thick skulled the blow did not knock me out and I was able to get out of the water without serious incident (other then the face bashing). It was pretty bad looking with all the blood on the side of my face, but it ended up not being that bad. Swollen lip in to places, three good cuts near my eye and what looks like a cracked tooth. I have an appointment with the dentist today.

My two favourite answers for when people ask what happened:
"Never forget your safe-word!"
"You know that thing in Kung-fu where you smash a rock to bits with your head, apparently it takes a lot of practice."

Thanks to tavalon for patching me up!
Anyone want a dog or know of a nice place with soft rocks?


Anyone want a dog or know of a nice place with soft rocks?

Accent on the "anyone want a dog." He really is sweet but is very, um, willful and impulsive. And he loves waves, enough that he will jump into the water after them. With person in tow, as evidenced this last week.

He's been trained. A lot. And he even follows his training except for in the um, willful and and impulsive times.

Hmm, I hear they have soft rocks in the classic Star Trek Universe...

Awww. I hope it don't hurt too much.
I miss you.