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Vague at the Vogue

This morning was spent where most Sunday mornings should be spent, in bed with someone you love.
This afternoon was spent at Seward Park. Barney got to run around in the water. Then we sat in the grass. I practiced Flamenco Guitar, joystormer did some studying, and Barney barked at every possible dog he could.

This evening is usually Sunday dinner at Joystormer's house. This week was different "The Man" bought everyone tickets to see "Star Wars II, Send in the Clones (there ought to be clones)" I won't bother with a review since it is not really a movie but a cultural phenomenon (I did find out yesterday that BikerChick has never seen a single Star Wars movie).

After the movie I went to meet some people at the Vogue, I squeezed into my PVC pants, PVC vest, PVC boots, and long leather jacket and found my way there. I had never actually been to the Vogue. It is a nice enough place, fetish night, so there was plenty of eye candy.
The people I was supposed to meet were not there. When I was scanning the crowd for them, I thought I saw someone I knew, but I figured it was just someone who looked like her.
No friends, No problem; I had a drink and started dancing. After a few dances I realized I needed to check my coat. When I was waiting for the naked coat check lady (thong underwear and black electrical tape, very nice outfit) I saw the person I thought I knew standing there. It was her, I waved and gave a small smile, she returned it.
This was "The Magenta", I dated her briefly, and although she opened herself physically, she never opened up emotionally. She later stood me up for a date and I never heard from her again. I found out from her roommate that she had moved in with an ex (on that she insisted she would never get back with when I asked if there was still something there).
I bumped into her one more time and asked her how life was going. She had finished bartending school and was looking for a job. She didn't seem particularly happy about life. I was feeling pretty odd and maybe a little bitter. I cut the conversation short to go dancing. I hope I didn't come across as rude. She obviously has some things to work out in her life that should couldn't work out with me.

I am going to go to sleep now, Joystomer said she would come by in the morning and wake me up.

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