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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Taxes make me happy

Yesterday morning I was in a slightly pissy mood. Slightly pissy isn't so bad except that when it is so mild, you don't realize you are in a pissy mood until later. I am pretty sure it comes from a bit frustration that I have been so busy this summer with work. I haven't really been able to enjoy myself too much and accomplish some of the things I wanted to. Part of the realization came from driving tavalon to the airport, she is heading back to Austin for a week. Driving her back reminded me that she is leaving next month and we really haven't spent all that much time together. After driving tavalon to the airport (going to wrong way twice) I went in to work. It was actually a fairly productive day, but it wasn't top on my list for what I wanted to do on a Saturday.
When I got home and looked at my mail (the paper stuff that they stick in the metal box, not the computer kind) I noticed a letter from the IRS. I wonder why they would be writing me, hmmmmm. Apparently they do care if you file your taxes. They would like to talk to me about some missing tax returns:
I guess that I what I get for actually filing a 2002 tax return. The letter states that they "have no record that you responded to our previous notices". Funny, I have no record of any previous notices. What is interesting about the whole thing; it made me happy. One of the things I wanted to get done this year was filing my back taxes. It looks like this will definitely get done (or I get free meals for a while). Before anyone goes crazy, I don't owe any money (well except maybe for 2001, but I doubt it is much if any), I just never got around to that whole filing thing. Sleep Apnea, that's the ticket. Yes, Terri I know this sounds more like an ADD type of thing, but since I don't have ADD, it must be from the sleep Apnea :-)


Glad you're not stressed about it.
I think I told you about my one friend who ended up squaring away a whole bunch of years of unfiled tax returns... after he went on Ritalin.
They were actually pretty decent to him, I think.

Sorry you're feeling pissy about lack of time.
Let me know if there's ways I can help.