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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Fourth of July

Friday was a wonderful celebration of 'Ancient Chinese Technology Day'. This old and venerable holiday is now more of 'Get Drunk and Blow Things Up Day'. I had once heard that it was actually the United States, "Independence Day" and that other countries don't have the fourth of July. That, apparently, is not true. Last time I was in Canada I looked at a calendar and there between the 3rd and the 5th of July was the 4th. So much for that silly theory.

All sorts of guests showed up to watch the fireworks from my roof tavalon, joystormer, jrsp, who_is_she, loitl phoenixdecided Aubry, Steven, Frodo, Kristina, Alex, and Marsha. There were also a few hundred others who I don't know; so I made them sit on the Adobe lawn (ingrates, they left without saying goodbye). My friend Xi showed up, but he was concerned his dad would fall in the water, so they stayed on the lawn with all the ingrates.

We had lots of food and good drinks (many mixed by Steven, he makes a good Cosmo). The fireworks were good, but I think they needed to pause more, it would have been longer and each group would have been more interesting. It was like one big finale. I am not sure if it were and accident, but a few minutes after we all thought it was over, there was a single pink firework (from the official launch place, not some drunk with his roman candles).

After the fireworks and most of the people had gone home (or been driven off). tavalon and I had some kinky sex on the barge roof. I had realized I had never had sex up there before (I know; I am surprised also, it just never occurred to me).