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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]

I went and saw the SIFF film "Technolust" tonight with BikerChick and some friends. I saw krow there with a troupe of his own and my next door neighbour who was buying popcorn and soda for dinner.

The film is best described as 'Blaah' with two 'a's. There really was potential for a deep and meaningful film, but somewhere along the line they decided against it.

The initial incident had a nice effect of going to black and then reentering at the same scene moments later. The last such reentry had the main character staring at a trifold mirror so there were three reflections. This was a very symbolic and entirely unimportant moment in the film. They had the perfect opportunity to make some commentary on love and fate, they had bodies in technicolour they could have used for the three aspects, yet they decided instead to tell some lame story about pursuing your heart's desires (which were never made really clear) and the danger of 'attachments'.

It had some funny and silly moments that the audience laughed at. And there were moments in between that much of the audience felt needed laughing at also.

The man who had a band-aide on a different part of his face in different scenes was surely meant to display a deep dissatisfaction at our society, specifically the people who decide to only wear band-aides where they are needed. This conformist ideal will be shattered by this ground breaking film. Nietzsche would have certianly agreed that the weakness of spiritual strength and the true evil in society is the embracing of the "no more ouchies" band-aide. I am going to get myself a box of old skin rippers and wear them on my genitals.

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I see you

Glad to see your review...your descriptions are alwasy so insightful. :) I am looking forward to seeing one of the films on the SIFF list on monday. My first. I'm on a random laptop in eastern Washington... isn't this techno stuff amazing?