Grizzly Weinstein (sea_gaagii) wrote,
Grizzly Weinstein

Chacun cherche son chat

I went and saw the SIFF film "When the Cat's Away" on Saturday. They took quite a bit of freedom with the title translation, but since we are supposed to hate the French, it is probably not a big deal.

The movie was about a very cute woman, Chloe, living in Paris with her cat, Gris gris, and her very gay roommate, Michel. There wasn't much else to the movie, other than her cat getting lost by the old woman taking care of it well she was on a vacation. An army of old women and one very devoted foreigner, who seems as if he were kicked in the head by a horse as a child, became her allies and helped her. Her search for a cat was interwoven with her half-hearted search for a man.

On to the story under the story:
Her cat, Gris gris, was her little charm which kept the world at bay. Her cat was a substitute companion. I will be crude enough to say her cat was her pussy. She stayed home all day stroking her cat rather than finding a man. Once her cat is lost she makes an empty effort to find a man. But she can't find a proper man without her Gris gris. The old ladies who are more than familiar with the importance of the connection between having Gris gris and having a man, create a search network to scour all of the section of Paris where she lives.
Her gay roommate who has no interest in Pussy cats (and suggested she throw it out the window of her car when she couldn't find a caretaker for it) is no help in finding her cat, and refuses to consider having sex with her (he seems to like being the receiving end from what we and Chloe see through the thin bedroom curtain).
Djamel, the sort of daft friend of every old lady in Paris, searches to restore her Gris gris to her. He is hoping that if he does she will go on a vacation with him.
After a bad night in the bar, she is walked home by a strong (and in my opinion, sexy) lesbian bartender who comes on to her in exactly the same way Chloe will come on to her gay roommate later that night - 'doesn't it feel nice to touch my breast'.
As things get really bad, she sleeps with Shaggy from Scooby-Do who then gets a call from his girlfriend. This leaves her feeling pretty used and empty (but at least he likes her breasts). It gets pretty dark and desolate for Chloe, especially when she is called to an empty lots to see if the dead cat is her Gris gris.
Things suddenly get better, Gris gris wasn't lost he was stuck behind the stove. He was right there all the time. Then she helps her widower upstairs neighbour/artist/singer move. There was a man for her, right there the whole time.

There was a secondary theme here of old and new. The neighbourhood was slowly changing, old buildings being torn down (by a very phallic crane) to be replaced by newer ones. Old tenants being evicted. New modern stores opening up where old stores used to be. The giant phallic crane defiling the womanhood of the old paris neighbourhood.

The section of Paris in the movie was very cool. Buildings piled haphazardly on top of one another. It is alive with people at all hours of the day and night. I would hate to settle there but I would love to spend some time there taking in the energy. I will have to remember to quit work before I am told old to really appreciate the different energy different cities have.

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