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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Caffeine Toilet

I had not had caffeine in a few months (except for in chocolate). I had sleep apnea and I was getting my tonsils out. I wanted to see what the actual difference was in energy before and after. I figured removing a stimulant like caffeine would give me a better understanding. Before I had my tonsils out I was usually pretty tired. Interestingly enough, stopping caffeine didn't make me any more tired.

Now that my tonsils are out, I really do have more energy. I am sleeping less and feeling good. I still have been avoiding caffeine, until the other day. When I was walking to the next bus Starbucks had someone giving out free doubleshot cans. Since I am really cheap I could not pass this up (they are over $2) even though I wasn't using caffeine anymore. I drank it, but oddly enough had no reaction (that I can tell) to the caffeine what-so-ever. I wonder if caffeine has no effect on me. I am thinking maybe I should experiment sometime and see.

This morning I got the toilet on the barge fixed. To anyone who has learned how to use the toilet in the past, thank you for your patience. Everyone who used it but didn't learn how, you can just use it now; it just works. I am glad I didn't try to fix this one my own (although I can replace the duck-bills - part 13 next time), the vaccumm switch (part 34) was leaking and needed to be replaced. Both the duck-bills and the ball and seal should help with any odour that came from the toilet.


Funny, I never thought that it was broken, I thought that it just worked that way :)

Yay! the toilet is fixed, that was hard for me. ;)


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