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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Horseback riding

Yesterday I went horseback riding. The last time I was on horseback (and the only other time) was in Hungary on a farm just outside Budapest. After about 10 seconds the horse decided it was time to kill me. It sat down and then rolled onto its back. I managed to jump from the horse as it decided to roll over. The man in charge of the horses jumped onto the horse (which was rolling in the sand) and started hitting it with his crop. The horse got up and ran spooking another horse which threw its rider. No one was hurt, but I wonder if they let the people ride the horses after that.

Yesterday was much better. In five hours I got off the horse, Jackie, once and that was just for a minute to go into the brush and relieve myself. It was a nice bonding moment with Jackie; she decided to also pee at that time. I was able to get back on without any help. This was all trail riding so no gallops, but Jackie did get into a cantor at one point (so I was told - all I know is the beat went from a 4 count to a 2 count, it was much smoother). The jockey thing (sitting with your butt off the saddle and leaning down and forward) worked really well for me until we were going downhill, so I decided against that approach. Mostly I just bounced along in the saddle getting a bit of a spanking. What is really cool is that I am only slightly sore today. I definitely want to do that again.


sounds cool!

I am not much of a horse rider myself.....
but glad you had fun.