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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Psst, your zipper is down

This evening I was in the super-market buying a few things when I realized that my pants were unzipped. What really bothers me is that some reason I felt it would be wrong to zip it up in front of people. Not that I felt I would be embarrassed, but that somehow it was more socially acceptable to walk around with my zipper down than to zip it in front of people. I felt that having my zipper down jut showed that I was a bit of a nerd and that zipping it up would have been viewed as some strange act of a sexual predator. I tried to cover it with my shirt and I walked to the bathroom to zip it up.

I am not sure what bothers me more: that society thinks (or I think society thinks) that zipping your fly in public is some strange and forbidden act, or that I getting old enough that my memory is slipping and I am not zipping my fly.

I really need to work on this (the social moore thing, not the forgetting thing). I think I am going to start unzipping my fly before I go into crowded places, so I can force myself to zip my fly with people around. Maybe eventually I won't even think of it (or perhaps I will be arrested for some antediluvian law).


I'm happy to provide you some support on this.

You can zip your fly in front of me,
I'll go out with you (to the PCC, for a walk, whatever) and give you moral support while you practice zipping your fly in front of larger crowds of people.

Hey. It's a very worthwhile thing you're talking about here.
I'm available to help in any way I can.........

But the question remains... Would you zip it up FOR him?


NO. That would be co-dependent.

Re: uh.......

sorry, just being silly

Re: uh.......

Don't be sorry.
I was being silly too.........

Re: uh.......

Sillyness is GOOD!!!!!!!!!

Are they extra-spicy? I love your lj icon. :-)

So helpfull

You are always so helpfull :-)

Re: So helpfull

Helpful looks really funny with 2 l's

As for the hanging out thing, we're kinda busy nowadays (but we're forcing ourselves to go to a party tonight...darn) but if you have our #, call. If not, email or something and we can figure somethin out!


Number is lost

I had some computer problems a few weeks ago and no longer have the email with your number. I assume it will be a bit before this will happen from the bad news Maus just had. I don't know if he is going to do the traditional month but let me know when you guys are ready. You can could come see my place in Fremont and we could do something fun in this area.

The obvious answer is that with your hands at your crotch anyone is going to be vaguely suspicious. But yeah, I feel the same way, and it is irritating.

I was trying to be smooth, flirting with a cute girl the other day, and talked for all of oh, ten minutes. Walking away I was so jazzed about being flirtatious and was congratulating myself for being interesting. And then I looked down.

My fly was very conspicuously down. Conspicuously, mind you. And...just wait, it gets better. My belt was also undone, and hanging open. I swear to god, one of these days I'm going to go outside and realize I've forgotten my pants. Ah well. I need something to keep me humble.


Did you ever see that girl again?

Re: Digitalis...

Alas, no, and after that debacle I wasn't particularly sorry. In any case, our paths never had occasion to cross again.

Hey, digitalis!!!

About your little indiscretion with that cute girl...did you ever see her again? What happened after that?

Re: Hey, digitalis!!!

??? which indiscretion? Which cute qirl? Who is digitalis?

Re: Hey, digitalis!!!

You missed the reply? Now I get it, it is the post above mine.