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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]

Yesterday I was invited to a Passover Seder at furrymouse and kamakanani's place. Actually all of Seattle LJers were invited, but I took it personally.

The food was excellent and the wine was sweet (as passover wine usually is). Maus was insistent about the four cups of wine (grape juice was an acceptable substitute). My parents always do, "four drinks of wine"; a drink being whatever size you wish. A nice Seder and some cool folks, I had a good time.


Hey, I am glad to hear that.
It is nice to see your face pop up on my LJ.
I had just sat down here to send you an email.....

think I'll do that now.

I don't drink wine. I like the Kedem grape juice the best. I used to get "punch-drunk" from it when I was a kid, all that sugar.

At our house a cup is just as much as you want to drink. A sip, a few sips, whatever. And I seem to recall people drinking in between the cups too.

I wasn't clear

He didn't care how much you drank. But during the part where you drink your glass had to be empty afterwards. You didn't have to put much in :-)

You get drunk from the sugar long before you do from the wine.


Good to see you had a good time.

On another note, thanks for the help! Muchly appreciated!

On a third and final note, if you ever wanna hang out or whatever...get in touch!

Re: howdie

Sorry about the delay. Work has been keeping me exceptionally busy. I would definitly like to hang with you guys again.