Grizzly Weinstein (sea_gaagii) wrote,
Grizzly Weinstein

Final Tonsillectomy Update

Really I am now done with this.

Tuesday I went to the Dr and he assured me I will not bleed again. I planned to go to work on Thursday. Wednesday, was really good, ate food (nothing crunchy), went out, nothing physical, and was having a good time. Throat was feeling good. At about 10:00 I went to the bathroom at Starbucks and started bleeding again. After about 5 minutes with some ice water the bleeding stopped. Got home around 10:30 and had about 1 minute of bleeding. Called the Dr and he said. If you bleed again tonight, you are coming in for surgery right away, if not I will see you tomorrow. Started to bleed again, this one was more like 10 minutes, not a lot of blood, but enough to be annoying. I made it easy for the Dr by bleeding just as I went in for Anesthesia. I made it hard for the nurses by being so nervous my normally good veins were hard to work with. tavalon came to the rescue by helping getting the IV line set up. Thanks to out of town guest jfrands for helping tavalon get my to the hospital.

Dr. told me he stitched it up and I am free to eat and be active now. I am going to stay away from hard crunchy food for a little bit just to be safe. I am going to go to work on Monday.

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