Grizzly Weinstein (sea_gaagii) wrote,
Grizzly Weinstein

I am sick but healthy man

I was going to make a post about waking up choking on my own blood last night, but that isn't as interesting as tonight.

Tonight I starting bleeding again at about 7:00, but it only lasted a few minutes. Gargling with ice water helped and the bleeding stopped. At about 7:30 however I started bleeding again and because it was coming out really fast I also vomited up into the sink. It was really gross there was lots of blood in the vomit (in fact it was just about all blood). tavalon was quite impressed with the amount of blood and since the bleeding wasn't stopping we decided to go to the emergency room. joystormer drove and got us there quite quickly, cursing the guy going 20 in front of us the whole way. Wasn't much of a problem as the bleeding stopped on the way to the ER. Tavalon was concerned with all the blood I lost over the last few days, she estimated it to be 600cc (she is a labour and delivery nurse, so it was probably a pretty good estimate). She requested and the agreed to a insert fancy medical name for blood test here. They also started a saline IV drip to get my fluids back up. It ends up the drip was not necessary, my blood level was at 40 (40 what?) they said the meant I was healthy as a horse (a really healthy horse), it also means I normally had a level at about 46. As expected my white blood count was at 11.5 (10 being normal). This was expected since I was recuperating from a surgery, it would be higher and I would be running a fever if there were an infection.

tavlon deserves super-kudos for cleaning out the sink, she took pictures. It looked like someone had been murdered in it. I promise if I post them, they will be behind a cut with a warning. I have no idea if they came out, I do not want to see that again just yet.

smootches to joystormer and tavalon for their help tonight.

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