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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Where have all the tonsils gone, long time passing

It is now day 6, and this tonsillectomy thing is not yet fun. I wonder if they make prosthetic tonsils. So little children will not stare and ask their parents about the weird man; why is his throat different?

Last night was quite exciting. My nurse tavalon had just gotten of the phone, to give me an update about her being lost trying to get to where she was going. And my other nurse joystormer was out walking Barney, when I felt something warm in my mouth. I placed my finger on my tongue and it came back nice and red. Went to the sink, and started spitting up blood. Lots of blood. I could feel it flowing into my throat as fast as I could spit it out. I am pretty sure this is not a good sign. After a bit of confusion (and panic) I had the sense to call 911. Then I threw on some clothes grabbed a towel and went outside to wait for the paramedics (since I live in a weird place and they can't get in the gate if I pass out inside). I saw the ambulance drive by the next street over and go right by. Hmmm, maybe I should have been more specific. I thought of going back inside in case they call, but I didn't. I was going to prop the gate open. About a minute later the firetruck showed up with the paramedics. That works. They took my pulse and blood pressure, I remember my pulse was 100 (I think I might have been nervous) and I didn't hear the blood pressure. The bleeding seemed to have slowed down and I was starting to feel stupid. The wanted to know if I needed a ride to the hospital. I was confused and wasn't quite sure how to answer. I told them I didn't have my car and my girlfriend was walking my dog. When I was sitting there, she came back with Barney, who was very interested in why daddy way sitting with all the men and the cool truck with all the nifty lights.

I went to the hospital with the fire-peoples. I was pretty light headed the whole ride. They checked me into the hospital and they were quite quick about getting someone in to see me. I felt bad, there were people in the waiting-room but no one who seemed in any duress. I also felt bad because I kept hearing the radio about a 91 year old man. Not enough to know what was going on, but I was worried that I was using the fire-engine when I didn't really need it.

They helped my clean out the blood and stuff from my throat and told me what had happened. The scabs sometimes fill with blood and when the break it all comes out. They checked to make sure there was no new bleeding, and told me to come back if I felt I needed to. They also told me it was fairly common.

jrsp and tulaq showed with with joystormer to take me home. Got a nice wheelchair ride to the car. I was definitely ready to go to sleep when I got home.

Also as pointed out by joystormer. I am not a vampire. I cannot digest blood. After 5 days on a diet of very soft food and blood. I can safely say it was disgusting.

I have no idea why the Dr. didn't warn me of something so common? The only thing I heard about blood was that is was not good and I should worry. It seems it might be common in the emergency room, but Tavalon looked it up. It only happens in about 2% of the cases and they suggest a trip to the emergency room.

I have officially decided not to recommend tonsillectomies to people, even if they want them for fun and personal enrichment.


I have no idea why the Dr. didn't warn me of something so common?

That was my first thought. (Well, after I was horrified and hoping that you were okay *eyes bug out* But I knew you must be at least conscious and have use of your arms to write this, so I probably shouldn't have freaked out.) But maybe the doctor didn't want to alarm you by telling you it might happen--I mean, mind over matter and all...if you expect something to happen sometimes it becomes more likely. That seems like a weird reason not to warn you though. Or maybe since there are other things that are not common that involve bleeding, and they don't trust you to know the difference, they just tell you to go to the ER no matter what and let them sort it out.

And I WAS going to get one for personal enrichment but I think you've convinced me otherwise. ;)

Personal enrichment or necessity?

Yeah, if you are planning this for no medical reason, then by all means, don't do it. If you are planning this for medical reasons, then please be aware that you are far more likely to incur serious medical consequences from keeping your tonsils than from having them taken out. What happened to Matt happens to 2-3% of folks who have their tonsils out. It is quite rare to have a bleed, post operation. It scared the hell out of all of us but let's not lose perspective here. It is a rare complication.

Should the doctor have educated us about this rare complication? Hell, yes, but doctors (and most nurses) are abysmal at educating patients. I'm not sure the medical community used to be that bad at it, but they (we) are now. Perhaps it's the HMO mentality. Perhaps most of us are just burnt out and don't give a damn anymore. Maybe we think that patients are too gullible and easily terrified and would be better off not knowing. Whatever it is, it's poor care.


Thanks for your concern :-)

I am going to work tomorrow and feeling good! Finally, throat is still slightly swollen but I can eat real food (except for things like potato chips).

I was thinking of taking your maggot picture and superimposing them on my sink full of blood.

Re: Thanks

That is SO nasty.


You should totally do it.

You set off my ick factor, that is very hard to do :)

Hope you feel better soon.

Heck, wait until we post the pictures of tonights bleed. Awesomely gruesome. It looked like someone had been murdered in his bathroom sink. And we all got to tromp down to the ER again. I think they are soon going to be on first name basis with Matt.