Grizzly Weinstein (sea_gaagii) wrote,
Grizzly Weinstein


The third day is definitely worse than the first two. I have gotten much better and not speaking, it is easy to see the connection between speaking and sore throat.

Until today I have been feeling really good (except for my swollen throat). Today I was a little dizzy> tavalon told me the Codiene should have been making me dizzy all along, the only thing I had noticed about it was that it numbed my throat nicely.

Yesterday evening Tavalon noticed that I was starting a rash and had my discontinue my antibiotics. She called the Dr. about it this morning and we are waiting to hear back from the Dr. if I should try another antibiotic or not worry about it. The rash seems to have gone away, I am still slightly itchy but not as itchy as I was last night. I am glad she noticed it. I had an allergic reation to penicillin once (amoxicillian actually) and never want to repeat that again. If I am allergic to the mycin group of antibiotics also that would suck. Tavalon told me that most people are allergic to the third big group, the sulfurs.

I had a dream I was eating pizza last night, it was soo good. Mmmmm solid food.

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