March 16th, 2004


From the Forest

Yesterday morning I was sitting by the window playing the piano and a few bird stopped on the vine maple that is growing out from under the porch to listen. A coworker is an avid bird watcher and he identified them as Black-capped Chickadees from my description. Apparently they are very friendly birds that you can get to land on you.

The previous owners showed up and moved the last of their stuff. The house just grew a little larger, not that it was small before. But they had 35 years worth of stuff boxed up and waiting to move. The moving truck could not make it up here (switchback on Mountain View road) and it would never have been able to make it down the driveway. They had a smaller truck which they filled and shuttled to the larger truck.

When I left for work (at about 5:00pm) I noticed the salmonberry by the 'barn' had a few blooms on them. Very pretty purple colour. This place is going to be very colourful this spring. I need to get a new battery charger for my camera.