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Barney is holding out

I walk Barney twice daily usually works out to 4+ miles. This doesn't include the random game of "chase the laser pointer". Barney also gets fed twice daily. And usually he returns the favor by pooping twice daily.

Every once in a while however he doesn't "deliver the goods" during one of our walks. It is usually not a big deal and the next walk he will usually go twice.

However, and this has happened a couple of times recently. When I am expecting a double delivery due to a previously poopless walk, he only goes once and he does not yeild twice the usual amount. This leads me to the question; Where does it go?

joystormer suggested I bring him to the vet and tell them. Perhaps they can find the missing matter. "Excuse me, Dr., I am missing some poop. Could you look in my dog?"

I am going to start bringing a scale. I know I keep feeding him consistently.

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