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Hey, Howya Doin...

I was walking down the hallway at work (as I often do) and passed a coworker (this happens a lot also). He said "Hey".
I replied via reflexive action, "Hey, Howya Doin?".
He responded "I'm doin good", pause, "I guess".

I have heard this many times and for some reason it struck me as silly today. I said, "You have to guess how you feel? You don't know?". He told me he wasn't doing good (i.e. work is a pain in the ass, and he would prefer to be out having sex with some young hot babe).

So I started to think, the reflexive action is just to answer "Good" or "OK", because that is what people expect. Then you quickly realize you are not doing well, so you add something such as "I guess" or "sort of". We actually understand when people say this they are not doing good. Interesting how actual words can have nothing to do with communication.

After thinking about this I further realized, I didn't give a shit how he was doing. Certainly I care some, but he is obviously walking and at work. I wasn't expecting, "Terrible, my testicles have swollen to the size of grapefruits from staring at too much internet porn. If I wasn't such a sorry bastard and had a wife, she would have left me long ago because I can't get it up without the internet."

So I have decided to try to not use stock responses in the future. I need to mentally train in some surprise replies, this will derail the reflexive action of the conversation.
Howya doin?:
Feeling shorter than usual today.
Tapeworm is driving me nuts, it has been humming the same stupid tune all day.
Shhhh, do you hear that?
Depends, what time is it?
Do you hear that evil laugh too?
How would Jesus Feel?
Bad, my past as a priest is catching up to me.

My friend Xi, just came in and said, "Hey, how ya doin".
Apparently in China instead of "How are you doing" they say "Have you eaten". Although it is more prevalent around lunch time.

Nasdaq Casino Update AMZN up 8.6% today. Wow, if this keeps up I might start thinking I was wrong. When you see me sleeping in the gutter talking to myself, try not to rub it in.

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