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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
How I spent my sumer vacation

Ok, so it is really just about today.

Woke up late. Went for a nice walk this morning with Barney. Called my dad, he is on his way to FL for his new job. He even found a place for him and Donna to stay (since his FL house is rented until April); it is about 1 mile from his house. It was also much cheaper than he anticipated. He is starting work on the 24th and is excited about the new job.

Returned Pink Flamingos; all I can really say about it is the reverse of what Mark Twain said when someone called "Huck Finn" a clasic. He said, (poorly paraphrased by me) "A classic is something everyone wants to read but no one has read". A nice converse to that "Pink Flamingos is one of those movies everyone see, but wish they hadn't".
For the trailer they interview people coming out of the movie. One fella states that "John Waters doesn't have his thumb on the pulse of America, he has it stuck up their ass". Well said.

After I returned the movie I went to a comic book convention down at the wonderfully extraneous SeaHawk Stadium. I had a blast looking through the discount bins. 50 cents a pop adds up; I probably came home with about 200 comics. I did manage to find "Jemm Son of Saturn" #5. This is one of those comics that wasn't that good, but I somehow managed to lose #5 (it was a 12 issue limited series). Since it sort of sucked, it is next to impossible to buy it, old crappy comics are harder to find than well liked ones. But when you do find them they are really cheap (Jemm was 10 cents). Similary interesting phenominum is that when something is rare, even if it is good, no one has heard of it and it is essentialy worthless, I found 2 "Red Fox" comics. I bought the first one when it came out, and was never able to find another. Very cool. I have much reading to do.

This evening I went and saw Adaptation. I won't spoil it, but Charlie Kaufman is brilliant. I think I like this movie better than Being John Malkovich it is not as weird, but it definitly a fantastic movie.

Got home went for a nice long walk with Barney, then we played some "laser chase".

Now I am blathering away in live journal.


oh, no... I bet you didn't even GET to "Female Troubles".

too much 'badness' for ya.. huh?

I think you might like Hairspray..... we should try it sometime.
also.. I bet the movie would have been better with teh "odorama" card..........

Female Troubles

I fell asleep about half way through Female Troubles. I didn't get to finish it because I needed to return it (and needed my brain working by monday).

Polyester is the one with the "Odorama Card".

So when are we gonna see Hair Spray.

And here I thought that I was the only one who had ever read 'Jemm'.

Very odd...



So that makes two of us

And 3