Grizzly Weinstein (sea_gaagii) wrote,
Grizzly Weinstein

Sleep Apnea

Got my results from the Dr. at the sleep clinic on Friday; I have sleep apnea. I stop breathing about once every two to three minutes per hour. This means I spend the entire night between awake (level 1) and REM sleep (level 2). From the chart it looks as if I spend close to no time in level 3 sleep and never get to level 4, deep sleep. I always think I get a good night's sleep, because I don't physically wake up. So I guess my body gets a reasonable rest, but my brain never goes to sleep. I wonder how long I have had this and if this could be what looks like ADD. Maybe I have trouble focusing because my brain never really gets to sleep? It will be interesting to see what I feel like after a real night of sleep. I have another appiontment to spend the night in the sleep clinic on Christmas eve. They will be fitting me with a CPAP device (continuous positive air pressure) that is supposed to prevent the blockage. The Dr, suggested I try this out for a few weeks to see how I like sleeping with it. Then I can decided weather or not to have my tonsils out.
One positive thing, since I am in good health the stoppage of breath doesn't seem to affect the oxygen levels in my body. If I were really heavy there would be some concern about getting oxygen without the heart working overtime.

I hope I am not expecting too much. But tavalon describes the feeling of getting proper medication for her ADD like a fog lifting from her head which allows her to think clearly. I am pretty excited to see what it will be like. I have a small feeling that I will be dissapointed come Christmas morning (and not just because Santa doesn't visit Jewish boys in the sleep clinic - if he does, I am pressing the call button for the nurse!)

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