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How do you deal with being frustrated? I was getting annoyed with an authentication sever being down. This was preventing me from testing something that I promised would be done tonight. I didn't want to stay extra late just because some server was down.

I went and took a long shower. I definitely love having showers at work as I find this very relaxing (yeah working at home would be nice, I could go for a walk). It is also a good place to think. When I was more relaxed I realized it didn't really matter, I could test my code another way. And even better when I got back from the shower, the servers were back up.

NASDAQ Casino Update AMZN swings back 2.24% today. I think it was a suker punch. I want to buy more, but I won't I promised myself I wouldn't. I sense a 7 coming up.
I did a check today, is taken.

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