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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]

Went for bagels and chat this morning with who_is_she then came into work. Got nothing done, but I did take a nice long shower. Good place to think.

Heading back into town. Will be picking up jnanacandra and bringing her to joystormer's family dinner. Joystormer invited her over and asked if I would bring her.

After dinner I think I will probably head back here to work (after I walk the Nard). I really want to get this recent project completed so I can move on.

Sleep Apnea

Another friend of mine who had sleep apnea and who
*was* very obese, had his epiglotis surgically reduced and
that did the trick *for him*.
He reported an amazing and profound betterment of his
sleep, general health and sense of well being.
The difference was like "night and day!" [pun intended!]
For me, the sleeping states, lucid dreaming, and especially
the 'majic times' just before one falls off to sleep and just
after one 'awakes' are the most rewarding for meditations,
introspections, contemplations etc. etc. ;-)
Not to mention being 'gateways' into Out Of Body
experiences, ie Astral Projection and/or 'Soul Travel' ala
Good for you, for taking *Action* to help yourself!
Hmmm, all this time I'd heard that St. Nick had a thing
for Jewish boys.....so you might want to stay *up* for
that! ;-)