Grizzly Weinstein (sea_gaagii) wrote,
Grizzly Weinstein

You missed

When ever I am crossing at a cross walk, even if I have the light telling me to go, I always make sure the cars are stopping for me. When I am walking Barney along the Burke Gillamn I pay attention when I pass over cross streets. Unfortunatly I don't pay too much attention when walking on the trail, one side a new condominium complex the other about 10 feet of grass a few parked cars and then the road. While walking infront of the complex tonight (the Regata) I heard a loud crash, looked over to see an SUV jump the curb and pass about 10 feet in front of me. When I realized what was going on and saw the red ford explorer like vehicle (rear end) going up the next street (not stopping) I ran after it, wasn't able to get the liscense plate. A bunch of people in the building, including the owner of the parked car that got slammed came runing out. They called the police.

On the way home I passed two undamgaged red ford explorers> After feeding Barney I found to red jeeps that looked like they could have been the vehicle I saw (if it was an explorer it was a slightly older one). The both had damage, one to the passenger's side, minimal, and one to the driver's side alot. I called the police with their descriptions and plate numbers and where the damage was (the left was more coninvincing, but seems to be the wrong side of the car). The police probably can't do anything as I never did see the plate.

I am feeling pretty relaxed after drinking 5 cosmos and listening to some nice music at Tost

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