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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Old Dreams made anew

The house I grew up in (from 2 until 17) had an unfinished basement. I really don't remember the size, but the basement was all concrete and essentially looked like this:


The 'S' being the stairs leading down to it. The 'F' being a large gas furnace. The '+' being a little green metal door on the wall for emptying the ashes that fell from the fireplace on the floor above. The big 'C' was a cedar closet my mother kept some old clothes in. The little 'c' is a closet that only existed in various dreams I had. The 'w's are little old dirty half windows up near the ceiling that didn't let in much light. There were overhead lights 'L' in the main section that worked from a switch at the top of the stairs and a small bulb 'l' behind the furnace that worked from a pull chain. Up until Jr. high school I did not go down in to the basement alone (or didn't spend much time there). After that I forced myself to spend time down there just because I realized it was silly to be afraid, I even set up a weight bench down there (and had some pornographic magazines). I still never really went down to the section where the furnace was. It was darker and scarier. The ash chute gave me the creeps, I had a lot of childhood nightmares of finding things in there (including a severed hand).
The layout might seem strange, but the missing chunk (indicated by the 'x's) was under the garage, it was probably too expensive to try to support/build a concrete garage floor and the weight of a car when they built the house. I often had dreams about a closet 'c' that led to the missing section, sometimes it led nowhere, other times it led to a strange place with alien creatures (lots of silver tin foil type stuff).

Anyway, this section of the basement with the furnace (with and without the weird closet) was a reoccurring place for frightening dreams during my childhood. Last night (early this morning actually) I had a dream that took place there.

I was on the stairs explaining to tavalon about how the stairs were built and why they had no railings (in real life they did). Tavalon was down in the main section as I was explaining to her. Her boyfriend's son was playing in the area near the windows. When I came down the staires. Over by the furnace was a man crouched down apparently sweeping the floor, there was a strange light coming from behind furnace. It wasn't the overhead pull light, I think it was coming from in the ash chute.
I asked Tavalon if she saw him. She told me that was the 'Minister'. He liked to work here because he could be near his child. She called to him and asked how his wife was doing, I don't remember his answer. Tavalon told me there was something wrong with his wife currently. Then Tavalon and her boyfriend's son were gone. I could see the 'Minister' down in the corner working really intently on the floor. He was not sweeping, the motions looked more like scrubbing. He also now had no shirt on. I walked over to him slowly. His back was tanned and muscular and very dirty, it had black smears like you would expect from someone shoveling coal on an old railroad train. He had wet looking very curly black hair and a beard. When I got up close to him, still behind him but to the side. He stopped what he was doing and very slowly, still crouched down and leaning forward away from me, turned his head sideways and looked up at me. When he did he had a very knowing looking smile that made me jump.

This is when I woke up. It was about 6:30. This was a scary dream like some that I had as a child. It was all in the setting and the possible but strange events.

After the dream I realized who the Minister was. It was Tavalon's boyfriend, galen1. Why? I don't know. But the hair and beard and in some sense even the smile (he smiles alot, but they don't look evil) were his. The hair was a little darker and the body much more tone. The comment about the wife and the one about the child (who was playing right there) really gave it away. I am really surprised that I didn't know who he was during the dream.


That is a cool dream to have on Halloween. Very creepy, but didn't seem to be threatening, just weird. I think weird dreams are entertaining as long as I am not being chased or threatened or killing people. :)
So, Galen, what is that knowing smile about?
Quit holding out. :)