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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Good stuff

Getting stuff done paid some dividends today. A few weeks ago I submitted a health insurance claim for money I spent at planned parenthood getting tested. Today I got a check for all but $13 from the insurance company! This is pretty cool. I used the money to buy some new pants, fuzzy slippers to keep my feet warm, and new sneakers. My other sneakers have about had it (and have been getting red paint on them). Some new pairs of pants have been needed for a bit. Slippers were a just because thing. I happened to hit Sears when they were having a, "use your sears card and get 25% off sale". Since I never use my Sears card (I wasn't even sure if I still had an account). They looked it up on the computer and sure enough, I have an account. Weee! Except that the address was in Kent. I think it might have been one of my ex-girlfriend's addresses. They are probably the 5th company to tell me that is the address they had for me. I think the mail got screwed up when she moved out of my house. So here is the big test: Can I call Sears and get the address changed and pay the billl before any interest charges? It would be a first. That is why I do not use credit cards.
Tonight toothpickelf and I finished the first coat of bottom paint. Tomorrow night we should be able to put the second coat of paint on, it will spread more quickly. 'F' will also be helping, I am thinking we might be able to get a coat of the topside paint done. That would be very cool. It looks as if the Shipwright was able to put in a new support beam already. Maybe he will be able to finish off the corner tomorrow. I might even ask about putting the siding back on myself. We'll see how long he takes. He still has to to the window which is also a large job.

joystormer and I had a nice weekend Mushroom hunting with the mountainers. I found some really pretty red mushrooms with white spots. Very pretty and very poisionous (Ameneida - or something like that). I did also find a really large and healthy (i.e. no bugs) Boletus (spelling) mushroom. It probably weighed over a pound. You should have seen the one that got away (some of those mushrooms are really fast).


Amantia muscarias, sounds like -- and their toxicity isn't such a clear cut matter at all. In some parts of the world, they are eaten recreationally. (However our local ones, raw at least, would probably make you pretty sick -- chemical content varies by region.) They're a *very* important shamanic mushroom in a number of cultures, and an awful lot has been written about them.

And a lot of people assume they're poisonous... (There is a fair bit of evidence that cooking the mushroom destroys the stuff that makes you sick without destroying the stuff that makes you high, but I haven't played around with this -- nor do I especially intend to. I do know people who boil the mushrooms in a change of water and eat them, and apparently become neither sick nor high... since I'm not really into boiled mushrooms, either, I haven't tried this either.)

Regional Variations

We actually had a slide presentation from someones mushroom trip to the USSR (when there was such a place) and one of the slides has the Amanita's drying and he explained that they were used for recreational use there and mentioned the variations in toxicity in different locations.

Glad to hear things are progressing.

And what was wrong with the jeans you had? Besides the gaping holes in the knees, I mean. :)

BTW, I hate to be such a "dad", but what did you do with the poisonous mushrooms? Having never been on a mushroom hunt myself, I don't know if you keep them or leave them be, or what, but it's definitely something I need to consider with Josh coming up there.

Poisonous Mushroom Disposal

The city of Seattle has instituted PoMDiS., the Posiouns Mushshroom Disposal System. You call the PoMDis hotline describing to the best of your ability the mushroom and ... forget it, this isn't endining up very funny.

But anyway, we were out in the mountains and the people in charge took care of sorting the mushrooms and throwing them out. Do you think Josh would eat a mushroom he found growing outside? What are your plans for outdoor supervision of Josh?

Re: Poisonous Mushroom Disposal

We're gonna tie him to a tree. Just kidding. He doesn't ever get to go outside unsupervised now so that wouldn't change up there.

I think J. was trying to find out if you took the mushrooms home.

Poisonous Mushroom disposal almost sounds reasonable for up there. You could have had a good one there.