Grizzly Weinstein (sea_gaagii) wrote,
Grizzly Weinstein

Barge (and sea_gaagii) Update

The corner of the barge where there was some water damage is worse than expected. In fact it is as bad as it could possibly be. The rot goes all the way to the corner support beam. Well it used to go that far, now the beam is removed. This is going to take more time than I anticipated (and a lot more than I hoped for). Perhaps I should just get Barney and take him to the Academy, he does pretty well there and this would free up the time it takes me to walk Barney each day before I head home. Wednesdays (Flamenco guitar lessons) and Thursdays (Yoga) are the worst. I missed Yoga this week because Barney needed a bath and I needed to finish up some work on the bottom of the barge. When I was preparing it for painting, I noticed there was an edge where the fiberglass had split. I filled the crack with resin, when that dried I added two layers of fiberglass. The patch looks pretty good (although it will be underwater so no one will see it). I am very glad the guy who built the bottom used marine plywood; there was no rot from water getting in the split.
Side note: The guy who built the barge bottom lost a long term relationship over it. The original bottom was poorly built and rotted. The woman who needed the work done was essentially broke and he worked for next to nothing to try to help her out of a bad situation. His girlfriend was not impressed and left him over this. He is very glad about it now, because he realized this women was not what he was looking for. So in hindsight he is glad it killed the relationship then, rather than 3 years and more damage later.
Which brings me back to the barge (it's all about me). The inspector pointed out the bad siding that needed to be replaced at the corner and the sill that was starting to go (that is the other big problem, looks like the whole window will need to be removed to get at the damaged area) when I had the barge inspected for purchase. If I had it fixed soon after rather then waiting 3 years it would have been alot less damage and a lot quicker a fix (plus the cost of towing has almost doubled in the past three years while my net worth has gone down about 66%).
On a good note the guy working on the barge wants to finish as quickly as possible, he has more work waiting for him. He is going to try to get one of the other shipwrights to work with him on it.
I will (depending on wetness) be finishing the first coat of paint tonight (perhaps I can convince toothpickelf to help me, she helped me with the first can. It cut my time in half and she charges a pretty cheap hourly rate.

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