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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
My Brother, Dope Smuggler

My brother arrived last night. His flight got in at 10:31. Only 2 hours and 15 minutes late. Fortunately the webpage for the airline was accurate. I guess it is much easier to track planes when they have less of them flying nowadays. I made record time; 18 minutes in and out, and I got to the baggage claim before my brother and his girlfriend. Could have done better if they hadn't needed a cigarette.

My brother is a bit of a pot smoker and rather than ask me (his non pot smoking brother) if I could hook him up in Seattle (I probably could have) he brought some (alot) with him through the amazing world of airport security.
They have that wonderful MRI machine, they send every Xth bag that is being checked on to the plane, through. His first two bags get put on the plane and the man with amazing counting abilities takes his third bag, the one with the pot, over to the machine that analyzes every molecule to see if any molecule might be a potential danger to the free world.
Red lights flash, sirens wail, halon systems rain poison gas, and my brother gets called over to the machine so the man can inform him about his "Terrorist Molecules".
The man start taking items out of the bag, until the moment arrives when he reaches The Hiking Boots of Al-Qaeda. "Ah-ha, metal buckles, that explains it. OK sir you can go. Sir, no need to pass out on the floor."

He narrowly escapes to smoke another day.

Nasdaq Casino Update Apparently the pendulum of chance swings both ways. AMZN down 4.46% today.

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What was he thinking?

I let him read this, and your comments. He said he was thinking he would want some pot.