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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Weekend Barge Lessons

I learned a few things this weekend:
1) Read directions very carefully. The directions said equal number of pumps of hardner and resin for the fiberglass epoxy. This is not the same as equal amounts! The pumps deliver different amounts, it is actually 5 parts resin for every part hardner.
2) The $10 extra for the mixing pumps would have been a good investment.
3) Don't underestimate the amount of time it takes to clean the bottom of a barge before you can paint it.
4) Circular sanders can take off the top of your finger (I didn't actually learn this, but I suspect it is true).
5) Fiberglass is cool!
6) Bottom paint is far more expensive than I ever imagined. ~$100/gallon
7) Fiberglass resin tastes terrible.
8) Wear a mask and glasses that cover your eyes even along the sides (I didn't have to learn this one either, smart enough) when sanding fiberglass.
9) I am not a morning person
10) Bottom paint is poisonous.


{Laughing}: Welcome to the wonderful world of
boat hull repair and 'glassin', Pilgrim! ;-)
I do hope you throughly *wash* and rinse the areas
of newly applied 'glass, before you paint over it.
I'm glad you went with the epoxy resin, [assuming that
epoxy was used in the original application] rather than
the cheaper and more user friendly, but in my opinion
not nearly as good, polyester resins.
As for the safety glasses with the side shields,
"yah youbetcha"....they're the best....always..... and
especially when you are working near others who are
also using power tools. I've taken to wearing them
for riding my motorcycle as well. The clear ones at night
and the 'sunglass type' ones in the daytime.
As always, if ya get to needing any help, just let me

Thoughts for today: "Checking beats guessing!"
And: "*Nothing is so freely given as advice!"
[Which I've amended to: "Nothing is so freely given
as advice, especially *unasked for* advice!" ;-)

I can't comment on the boat related stuff, but I can say:

1. You're usually very good at reading directions. Surprises me that you had to re-learn that one.
4,8 - You've always been pretty safety conscious. Execept with electricity.
9. You've never been a morning person. I highly doubt you will ever be a morning person. That's the way it ought to be - there has to be balance in the universe.
10. Why were you eating bottom paint? If you needed another $100 for the bottom paint, you should have just called. *wink*