Grizzly Weinstein (sea_gaagii) wrote,
Grizzly Weinstein

Barge Work

Looks like I will be spending most of my weekend working on the barge.

I will be attempting to remove and reglass some sections of delaminating fiberglass on Sat. I also need to check the scree board above the spots where this is happening, most likely there are some screw holes that need to be better sealed. Hopefully I can get this done early enough to spend sometime at who_is_she's burn party.

If I get the fiberglass done I can do the bottom painting on Sunday. The sooner this gets done, the sooner the shipwright can get the rubrails on (so I don't have to paint every few years). The only problem is that it might rain on Sun. I can still paint, it will just be a lot more work (and a lot less fun).

I went and checked out the circuit breaker last night at the dock. There is a 60amp breaker in there! Woot, this means I will have no problem upgrading to 30 (I just need to find out about replacing the meter - or if I even need to). Perhaps I can just bypass the meter, I don't think the electric company would really car, would they?

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