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Grizzly Weinstein
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April 2009
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Grizzly Weinstein [userpic]
Barge Haulout

Get the barge out of the water today. Both the empty spot and sitting in the barge at a different location feel very strange. Imagine looking out your window and suddenly having a different view.

I met the guy who re-built my barge today. The original was a poorly built flat bottom barge, after the first ower had it a few years she pulled it out of the water to be serviced. When they were hauling it out the bottom essentially collapsed from rot. Tim (the guy who rebuilt it) made a slightly rounded bottom with places for the water to collect (and be pumped out) rather that just pool and rot, the original was just standard plywood, he used much better marine plywood. The house part was removed from the old bottom and placed on a new bottom.

Looks like there are lots of small things that need to be done. After having to take apart the meter to disconnect the electric (the meter is still sealed - don't bother calling the electric company on me) I decided to have it changed to a sealed plug in type that the majority of boats use. I need to call and find out if I am really limited to the 15Amps the meter say or can I just get a higher rated meter (also is the wiring in my barge hefty enough to handle 30amps). This would be really cool as the current 500Watt heaters (2 of them) take up 1/3 of that (add the dryer and computer and it is getting up there). I am going to be replacing the heaters and I would like to get more efficient 1000Watt ones. I also would love the extra leeway for safety purposes.

I will be talking with the shipwright some more tomorrow to work out a schedule (I will be painting the bottom myself, it will be inspected today to see if any fiberglass work is needed).

I got about 3 hours of sleep last night getting the barge ready to move.

Current Mood: tired
Current Music: From the Jungles of Paraguay, John Williams Plays Barrios

My boyfriend can get stuff done. He rocks.
You'll sleep good tonight.

You will be really glad when this is done and you can know that you took care of needed maintanance in a timely manner.
I, like Joystormer,... wish you a good night's sleep tonite.

So if you are able to get the 1000w heater, does that mean it can be warmer in there? I'm sure when I hit menopause, it will be just fine, but I'm an easily chilled girl nowadays (we left the heater off the last couple of days to save money - brrr)

I'm really proud of you.


It will be warmer when I have two working heaters.

Having 1000 watt heaters will allow them to work faster and therefore be on and making noise for shorter periods.

Keep saving that money! Heather is going to need help supporting galen1!